Live Video Streaming

The site now offers Live Video Streaming via two of the most well-known video streaming websites, and The entire ZippCast team hopes you will enjoy this feature and would love to hear your feedback on this newly added feature or any ideas you may have.

Be Seen!
Chris Harris, ZippCast Staff


More Site Upgrades!

In the last week, the ZippCast team has been working on the site day in and day out trying to bring you the best experience possible when viewing the content that our site contains. We have added a lot of new features and we are happy to announce that the “Dim the Lights” feature has been now added to video and image viewing. Dim the Lights is a cool feature that allows you to view only the image or video while the rest of the screen is dimmed making it easier for you to your content with minimal distraction. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we hope you enjoy the updates we have in store for the site in the near future!

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Chris Harris, ZippCast Staff

Site upgrades!

Hey ZC Users!

The last few days we have been working very hard on ZippCast. We have fixed bugs, and upgraded some things.

First, lets start off with our new support system! If no staff members are online to answer your questions you can submit a ticket for us to answer when we get online. To get to online help go to and on the left side click “Live Support” it will either say Online or Offline.

Also, now you can skip through a video without it buffering. I know that was my biggest problem! We’ve also fixed some video player glitches.

And last but not least, we have launched our ZippCast Desktop Program. You can download it from our community center or you can click this link here. This program was coded by our admin Chris Harris. This program includes links to various links on the website. Such as your subscriptions, videos, images, and audios! From there you can also click a button to go straight to live help. We’ve included a chat room, news feed, and staff contact information. And don’t forget, we’ve also added games!

Be Seen!                                                                                                                                   Collin Emery, ZippCast Staff.

ZippCast Desktop Client

ZippCast Desktop Client is an application you can download right to your computer and access all the features that has to offer! This application is currently in development by our Lead Software Designer Chris Harris. He is projecting the application’s release to be set in a week if all goes as planned.

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ZippCast Staff

ZippCast API Development

API Development is underway….

API Development soon to come is, well… under development. This feature will allow users to play around with the ZippCast video player. It will give you options to customize it or size it etc. API Development will also consist of future plans with Facebook and Twitter with integrating account information back and forth and expand the user experience.

Community Center Launched!

Hey ZC Users!

Today we just launched out community center portion of the website. You can find the community center here. The community center provides quick links to the following.

  • ZippCast Store
  • Community Forums
  • Live Help
  • And the soon to come “API Development”
From the ZippCast Store, you can purchase merchandise such as t-shirts, wristbands, and caps!
In the Community Forums, you can:
  • Check the latest ZippCast Updates
  • Post major/minor bugs you’ve found.
  • Ask Questions
  • And Much More!
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ZippCast Staff

Welcome to the Official ZippCast Blog!

Hey ZC Users!

This is the newly created ZippCast blog. Here we will be posting new updates, upcoming updates, and bug fixes! Be sure to check here to see whats going on with ZC Community.

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